Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
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Mental Clutter

Rochelle Sudfelt

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I often read blogs and post that either inquire or state that the best place for one to start their decluttering journey, is in the junk drawer. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!? Cue the stress, anxiety and feelings of absolute overwhelm! FACT: This is a dumb place to start. Also, picking one space or one room, for someone who is overwhelmed by mess and doesn’t know where to start is also very vague and unhelpful. So, you’ve decided you want to begin decluttering your home and life – which are two very different things I will have you know. Your home is the space in which you reside. Your life is the space in which you build and expand for you higher and greatest good. If both are cluttered there is an imbalance which makes dwelling within both, very hard for us to do. Anyway back to you. So you have decided you want to Unclutter your home and life…Where do you begin? Well, you begin by addressing any mental clutter. Whether Clutter Coaching or Life Coaching a client – This is where we begin.

Mental Clutter
I would like you to create a list. Write on it a maximum of 10 things in no specific order – just get it out of your head. It may be that you need to:

· Call someone. Perhaps a family member of the power company maybe.

· Do you need to seek forgiveness?

· Have you been meaning to compose and send a text message or email?

· Is there a bill you have been meaning to pay?

I also recommend keeping a journal or diary to keep mental clutter at bay- a sort of revolving to do list. Try writing down everything that is causing you stress or concern, the stuff that is keeping you up at night. Go through your list and do what you deem to be the hardest task first. Set some time aside each day to cross off one of the items on your list.

This, in my opinion, is the MOST important step in your decluttering journey and the one that is often missed by so many who want to begin living a clutter free life. When I first launched this guide, I had participants calling family members that hadn’t spoken to in MANY years and they began the process of healing relationships. I was moved to tears on occasions. The sheer power of this first step, to be honest, really took me by surprise. There is now, not a single course that I run, where this isn’t the very first thing we do!

Another reason this is such an important step is that it frees up space in your head so that you can make clear decisions thus limiting the possibility that you will discard something from your home that you will later regret.

So what happens next you ask? Well, you’re just going to have to wait until next time… see you then.

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