Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
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Why is it so hard to let go?

Rochelle Sudfelt

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Logically, we understand that it is just a ‘thing’ right, so then why is it so hard to let that item go? Is it the money spent? Guilt or Our hormones? What if it is all of those?

For some, it is putting the monetary value attached to that item, to the forefront of the decision making process. “I paid good money for this”. But are you aware of the reason why you spent the money? Was it perhaps that you felt you needed it? Why did you need it? Were you feeling a little down or sad and in need of a little pick me up? Saw it, LOVED it, had to have it…ahhhhh I feel better now (oh, hey there dopamine! I’ve missed you) get the item home, have no where for it to live, dump it and wait, what is this feeling – hey why do I feel down again? Is that guilt I feel? Do I feel bad for purchasing another item I don’t have room for? It’s really added to the clutter and the stress of feeling overwhelmed…(hello cortisol rising) -time to go shopping again! Dopamine is a hormone that makes us feel happy. Serotonin is a mood regulator and oxytocin is our love hormone that also serves as pain relief. When we ask “Does this spark joy or Do I love it?” These guys throw a wee party in our body like “HECK YES I LOVE ALL OF THE THINGS – ALL OF THE THINGS MAKE ME FEEL JOYFUL” ….but this is only a momentary high, when the living environment is overwhelming and the cause of much stress and discomfort. Then the cortisol levels spike again and we have the cycle above spinning around and around in our life.

Feel bad, buy. Feel good…come down. Feel bad…must buy. Feel good….come down, feel bad. Break that cycle! If this a pattern you are familiar with in your life. Seek support. Commit to one day of not purchasing anything. Then another and another. Explore other methods of getting that dopamine – Exercise, eating well, getting your circadian rhythm regulated, Listening to music or through prayer and meditation. Can you think of some other ways to feel good without spending money?
If there is guilt around the amount of money spent and there is debt involved it is important to try and sell items to at least recuperate some of the money, when decluttering the home.

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