Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
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I've Cried These Tears Too

Rochelle Sudfelt

overwhelmed woman with overflowing laundry

There you are.

Kids running around screaming. Food scattered all over the floor, washing piles taking over the living room along with an entire toy store worth of toys. The dining table is lost under a sea of papers. Now you’re not even sure what is clean and what is dirty with the laundry piles so you have to give it that sniff test to find out. There's no such thing as bench space anymore just dirt and grime. Filthy dishes stacked like a game of kitchen Jenga as well the ones “soaking” in the sink. And the laundry room, oh the musty smelling laundry room. Mountains of dirty clothes and a load that's been sitting in the machine for goodness knows how long. You try to remember when you last changed the sheets on the beds. But to be fair you can barely make your way into the bedroom with all the toys taking over any floor space that once was there.

You cry. You try and ask for help, but it comes out more as a suggestion than as a plea for support. And so it flops, along with any dream of a calm and tidy home.
You’ve kind of gotten used to it now, the chaos and the mess. Or so you think. But There you are. Stressed. overwhelmed, frustrated and lonely, snapping at your children. Muttering “No-one bloody helps around here” “Will this ever end?” “I can’t do this anymore” “CLEAN UP YOUR MESS”. Overeating or maybe under-eating. Not working out regularly. Greasy hair chucked up in a “mum bun” sniffing clothes to work out if they’re clean or dirty. Just ‘surviving’ With no idea how to knock down this hurdle in your life right now.
Have I got your attention?
You know, I too have cried these tears. I needed a simple system to help me take back control of my life. I decided to master it, and then share it with the world. So here we are, two mums, about to gain control of our lives, the clutter and chaos. Congratulations. So where do we begin? Well, it all starts with YOU. Next time, we will address Mental Clutter

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