Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
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Welcome to ReclaimYou!

About ReclaimYou

ReclaimYou became a registered company in September 2015, just before the professional organising industry really took off in New Zealand. A new mother with no money and a ton of faith, Rochelle has watched this small New Zealand business hold its own and continue to take her by surprise.

Our Vision is to support all who wish to achieve a clutter-free home and life. My hope is that each person who is touched by ReclaimYou learns the value of themselves during the decision making and releasing process, thus allowing them to reclaim themselves in the experience. Clutter of any type has a way of sinking its claws into us, leaving marks of stress, depression, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. We’ve made it Our Mission to see you create a life that is yours to enjoy through simplifying your life and environment.

At ReclaimYou, we’re passionate about helping you process and remove all types of clutter from your life, this is why we offer both Life Coaching and Clutter Coaching. We’re not about slapping a Band-Aid on the clutter by organising it into pretty baskets and putting a label on it - this step comes once the clutter has been removed.

WINZ approved!

ReclaimYou Ltd is WINZ APPROVED. We are happy to come and quote any service required. All you need to do, is discuss your eligibility with your case manager.