Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
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Setting Systems in Your Home

Rochelle Sudfelt clutter communication organising systems

A system is only as good as the education beneath it.

Let’s use a laundry basket as an example
You put a laundry basket it the laundry and walk away with the expectation that it’s used for it’s correct function; however, the family still leave their clothes on the floor.
That’s frustrating! Perhaps it’s doesn’t work.


You explain to your family that you are going to put a laundry basket in the bathroom for them to put their dirty clothes in, and that it is going to help keep the space tidy and make doing laundry easier.
Then you place the basket in the space.
The next conversation you will have is “I have put that basket in the bathroom for you all to put your dirty clothes in” This is the same day the education begins.
If you have young children, make the new system fun.
“Can you put your clothes in the basket for me please” then proceed to pick up the clothes up off the floor, however they are too heavy for you, you need someone when strong muscles…

Or when the clothes are coming off “shoot hoops”. Remember to praise. “Good Shot!” “yay, can you do it again!?” “How fast can you get the items in the basket.

For older people “You are responsible for getting your clothes in the basket if you want them washed”
If the basket looks to be failing with the older bunch. Ask them to follow you down to the bathroom, explain the purpose of the basket, place items in it. Then have them do it in front of you. Don’t be condescending about it, again, keep it light.
The reason we are doing this is that not everyone is an auditory learner. So simply asking them may not be enough for it to sink in.
Here we are covering those who are visual and kinaesthetic learners as well.

Only set one new system a month! Change takes time and creating these systems and pairing the habits with the system need to be done gradually.

A good system set up is paramount for a well organised functional home. Habits need to be set too, and our brains love if you pair two tasks. For the above example, a shower and chucking clothes in the hamper should be enough to create the habit over time

Communication is key to having a good system work and practice makes progress.

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