Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
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Looking Past Joy

Rochelle Sudfelt

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I want to give you some questions that you can ask yourself during your decluttering journey. I personally struggle with the concept of allowing an inanimate object to 'spark joy'. Surely this is truly where we are going wrong? Valuing a possession over a person or place. Let’s for a moment, consider an item and ask. Why am I holding on to this? Is it useful? Do I have time and space for this item? Does this support my basic human needs?

Our basic human needs are Food and Water; are these been consumed mindfully? Clothing and Shelter; Warmth. Safety. Health and Rest; These support the need for energy.
Yes, there are more 'needs' than those which I have listed above, however, these are the important ones when focusing on re-building or reclaiming ones life from the chaotic feeling clutter can leave imprinted on us.
If we were to look deeply into our BEing and our possessions we would want to ask "How does this nourish me?" Consider your being. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Examples:
My treadmill supports my health. My Pajamas, bed and bedding supports rest and warmth and clothing. My fridge supports my need for good food. So see how these items can be tied to my mental, emotional , spiritual and physical well-being - these items nourish me!
I am certainly not saying it is sinful to possess beautiful things, but simply to be intentional about what you invite into your home and life or that which you allow to remain in your home and life.

Download the Decluttering Questions PDF here for a list of questions you could ask yourself when decluttering, that will truly provoke more thought in the process.

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