Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
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What is the true cost of clutter?

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And is it really worth it?
At ReclaimYou we believe clutter to be anything that threatens your time energy and relationships. But the fact of the matter is this, clutter affects so much more.

Take honest stock of your life for a moment.
Is it taking a toll on relationships? Are you embarrassed to have friends and loved ones over?
Does if affect your finances? Are you buying more to fill a avoid. Buying more containers and boxes to fill, in the name of 'Organising' your stuff.
What about how much money you spent on the excess stuff- wasted money...?Does the clutter add to feelings of stress and anxiety or depression? Sadness, frustration or despair? Are you spending time searching for things you're sure you "put there"? Could that time could be better spent healing and investing in yourself.
Clutter is a symptom of something a little more sinister going on within us.
Clutter is built around psychological components like impulses, sentiment/memories, fear, guilt or even hope. However, clutter feeds the negative self-talk loops you play to yourself, which raises your cortisol levels. 
When you learn how to process some of the internal clutter, be that mental or emotional, you'll develop a greater bandwidth to be able to see and control the external or physical clutter in your life.
With this, we then find endorphins in all the right places, which helps lower our stress hormone cortisol and we find a sense of peace and balance in our lives.

Clutter truly can make us unwell physically, mentally and emotionally.
Is that a price you're willing to pay?

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