Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
Helping you achieve a clutter free home and life
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Reclaim Your Home E-Book (PDF)
Reclaim Your Home E-Book (PDF)

Reclaim Your Home E-Book (PDF)

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Ready to start decluttering your home, but don't know where to begin?
Order your PDF version of Reclaim Your Home right now.
Rochelle is a qualified life coach and professional organiser with over 9 years experience helping people create the clutter free home and life they desire.
As a mum to 3 daughters, Rochelle understands the benefits of having less clutter.
She feels it is more important to focus her energy on her family and her business ReclaimYou.
ReclaimYou is her decluttering and professional organising business, based in Hawkes Bay New Zealand.
This book has been mindfully crafted by a mum who wanted to make sure other mumma's could follow the programme. Along with anyone else who needed the guidance, regardless of where they may be in their decluttering journey. It doesn't matter if you have children living with you or if your children have flown the nest, there will be something within these pages for everyone who is seeking a life of less clutter.
I believe it is important, that you start at the beginning and make your way through the book, one day at a time.
You might find it helpful to read the day prior to beginning the task so you can prepare yourself mentally and ensure that you have the necessary tools for success.
So on Day Two, you would read Day Three's task.
This book has been written in a way that will support you in creating and maintaining good habits, so that you can be in control of the things in your home.
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