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ReclaimYou can help you begin your decluttering journey. Whether you want to go it alone with some guidance, invest in some in-home sessions or join a challenge.

We offer: 

  • In-home Sessions

  • Strategy Sessions

  • Online Workshops

  • Public/Guest Speaking or Workshops

  • Challenges

  • And more! 

Contact Rochelle today to find out how ReclaimYou can cater to your decluttering needs.

Well, let’s start with the question, ‘What is clutter?’

Clutter is anything in your home or life that is restricting your personal growth. It robs you of your time and energy. It places a strain on your relationships and your finances.

So, why Declutter?

In removing the excess you will notice your stress levels drop. Depression and anxiety may improve. You will feel more productive, have more energy, feel lighter and more relaxed. You’ll spend less money buying things to try and fulfil you. Your relationships will improve and you will begin to feel more peaceful and calm - not to mention you will be able to find things more easily, which saves you time!

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Free 30 Minute Consultation

ReclaimYou offers a totally free, no obligation, 30-minute consultation. During this time we will take a walk-through of the home and discuss the areas in your space that you would like to make changes to and decide where to go from there!


ReclaimYou offers respectful, professional, confidential and non-judgmental support at any level of accumulation. We understand that it can be daunting allowing us into your home and would like to acknowledge your strength and drive for an uncluttered, calmer and more peaceful environment.

Together, we work through the clutter and put systems in place to bring calm into your home. Be it pantry or the whole house, we can help you take control - working to remove donatable items and trash *within reason*


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ReclaimYou offers two hours fun-filled, interactive, Q&A sessions
*Conditions Apply*

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Challenges & Guided Programs

Throughout the year ReclaimYou runs 30 Day Challenges or Introductory Courses on Minimalism.

Personal plans

Are for those who want to go it alone but don’t know where to start or are not in Hawkes Bay NZ but wish to work with ReclaimYou. They are designed to help you declutter your home with specific tasks and clear instructions. You will have full email support during office hours.

Strategy Session

During this one-hour session, we will come into your home and devise a plan that allows you to declutter and organise in your own time. Perfect if you’re just not sure where to begin or need a little bit of motivation and inspiration. It is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and pick up a few tips.

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Payment can be made via cash, credit, direct debit and PayPal.
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